Pricing Plans

To place an ad on Unibooks you must first purchase an ad plan below:

Please choose from one of the pricing plans. If you purchase “1x Book Ad”, this will allow you to place a single ad for either a book for sale or  a wanted book. This ad will remain live for one year after posting.

If you choose to purchase the “Unlimited Ads” plan you will be entitled to place as many wanted and for sale ads as you wish.

After the expiry date of a plan the ad is withdrawn from the site but you have the option to renew the ad from your account by purchasing your preferred plan and reactivating the ad(s).



3 x Book Ads

  • 3 Featured ad(s)
  • 90 Day
  • 100% Secure!


1 x Book Ad

  • 1 Featured ad(s)
  • 30 Day
  • 100% Secure!


Unlimited Book Ads

  • Featured ad(s)
  • 365 Day
  • 100% Secure!


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