About Unibooks.ie

Unibooks is Irelands first and only dedicated academic book trading site. It was founded by three college graduates from Tipperary. The idea for the website came from first hand experience of the difficulty of selling textbooks on to students in years behind you. Many colleges have their own second hand bookshops, but these bookshops tend to be inconvenient for selling your old books, as the book has to be physically dropped in to some room on campus. Unibooks overcomes this problem by being a common website for all colleges, where students can find second hand college books for sale.

The advantage of unibooks is that a student can simply upload an ad for their old college books and once the ad is uploaded it remains live for a year. This means that as soon as a student is looking for that particular course textbook the ad is there ready for a buyer straight away. This has allowed the trading of second hand books in colleges and universities to be much more convenient and quicker than before.

Another advantage of unibooks is that it means students can now source a huge variety of academic books at second hand prices. Before unibooks the only places to find second hand college books for sale were in very limited second hand college bookshops, through notice boards in college or simply through word of mouth. Unibooks is now a common ground where students all over the country know to go first to buy or sell their second hand college books.

The whole idea behind this website is to make sourcing cheap college books simple, as well as providing a convenient outlet for the sale of these books. As recently graduated students ourselves we are more than aware of the crazily high prices charged for course textbooks, and through unibooks.ie we hope to finally curb this expense in college life so you can spend your money on “more urgent” matters!

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